The Charter of DNSSEC Japan (

- Name of the Organization

The official name of this organization is “DNSSEC Japan” and abbreviated as “”.

- The Charter

“DNSSEC Japan (” is established as a forum for domain name registries, registrars, registrants and relevant parties such as DNS and network operators with the aim of introducing and deploying DNSSEC that enhances security of the DNS. makes it a principle to carry out activities based on the mutual cooperation by participants.

- Objectives and Activities of

1) Objectives intends to sort out and discuss issues in relation to deployment and operation of DNSSEC to enhance technical capability of participants and sharing of technical expertise. It also conducts outreach activities such as providing relevant tools and giving technical commentaries.

2) Activities

Activities of are:

- To sort out and share issues regarding introduction and operation of DNSSEC;
- To conduct technical verifications and accumulate expertise for introduction and operation of DNSSEC;
- To develop BCP relating to introduction and operation of DNSSEC; and
- To deploy DNSSEC through propagating results of its activities.

Yoshiki Ishida
Representative of the Founders
24 November 2009